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"Violinist Lidia Shutko has a real artistic temperament, she has no technical problems and shows very well the different styles of the performed pieces."
"Pravda" D.Oistrakh

"The performance of a Ukrainian violinist Lidia Shutko was unique."
"Diaro de Terruel" Spain

"With great pleasure I listened to Lidia Shutko. Bach's concerto was like a confession, very sensible but at the same time she knew about every single detail. I am happy that there is a violinist of a top world level in our city"
"Za vilnu Ukrainu" M.Kolessa

"Lidia Shutko is the best Ukrainian violinist"

"In the final of the concerto by Vivaldi L.Shutko proved that she is the musician of the highest level"
"Uryadovy kurier"

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