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1. B.Frolyak Vivaldi-Allusion
2. J.S.Bach-B.Frolyak Prelude
3. S.Vakarchuk Kholodno
4. S.Vakarchuk Higher than the Sky
5. G.Bella Confessa
6. J.Duport-B.Frolyak Etude
7. Adele Skyfall
8. R.Lovland Song from a Secret Garden
9. P.Nero Hot Canary
10. A.Piazzola Oblivion
11. A.Piazzola Libertango
12. M.Jackson Earth's Song
13. B.Andersson Happy New Year
14. F.Sartori Con te partiro
15. K.Jenkins Palladio

Ostap Shutko -
Violin, Olga Shutko - Cello
Lutsk Chamber Orchestra "Cantabile"
Tovij Rivets - Conductor

To order - contact us by e-mail: oshutko@ukr.net