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Что мы предлагаем
What we can do for you

Recording new music

If you are a composer you know that it is easier to compose a new piece than to hear it played!
We can perform your music on the concert or the festival of the modern music.

Also we have another proposition for composers!

One day every composer thinks about an idea of recording a CD with his/her music.
But as soon as the composer understands that he must find musicians, studio and so on he realizes that it will cost a lot of money. That is why many composers postpone this idea to better time and hope to find some sponsor.
But the true is that if you want to find some sponsor or suggest your music for TV Company or Publishing House you must show not only the score but also a recording.
And the better recording is the better musicians perform the more chances for composer to get positive
answer. How many examples we know when composers has become victims of not good performers.

It is really very difficult to be a composer!
But at the same time if you compose one short piece and this piece becomes popular you can be very famous and very rich at one moment!

Music must sounds! If it is in the shelf it is just a piece of paper! Nowadays a composer must also be a
promoter of his music! And nobody will do it instead of you!

Today you have a chance to start and we will be happy to help you!
The best Ukrainian musicians (almost all famous musicians at the former USSR were born in Ukraine)
together with the best sound producers are ready to make a recording of your pieces.

We will answer all your questions.

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