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Lidia Shutko began to play violin at the age of 3 and very soon
she was giving concerts as a prodigy. She studied with Prof. O.Derkach at Lviv State Conservatory, Prof.O.Krysa at Kyiv State Conservatory and Prof. Y.Yankelevich and Prof.D.Oistrakh at Moscow State Conseratory.

Big ifluence on her playing had L.Kogan, O.Parkhomenko,
M.Vaiman, B.Gutnikov, P.Bondarenko.

She is prize-winner of
the Bach international competition in Leipzig,
the Tchaikovsky in Moscow,
the Sibelius in Helsinki.

About her performing wrote such outstanding musicians as D.Oistrakh, D.Tsyganov, A.Kos-Anatolsky, V.Grigoryev, M.Skoryk, O.Krysa, B.Kotorovych. Lidia Shutko is a Prof. at Lviv Lysenko Musical Academy, she is often invited as a jury member of the international competitions.

For more that 35 years of pedagogic activity she has 60 graduates
which are winners of the national and international competitions,
leading violinists of the chamber and symphony orchestras,
famous soloists and chamber musicians.

Lidia Shutko is the first performer of many pieces by Ukrainian composers.
There is a film about her bright individuality "Lidia Shutko performs".
Lidia Shutko gives concerts all over the world.
She has a lot of State Awards
as a prominent Ukrainian violinist



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